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Our humane promise

Silverfish, ants, carpet moths, wasps, bees, hornets, termites, fleas, bedbug


Your business at some point will more than likely have need of professional pest control

This may be due to many reasons depending upon the industry, location, surrounding factors etc, but you can rest assured that whatever we are dealing with it is done with the upmost professionalism by qualified pest control experts.

As a company owner your time is best spent focussing on the business and making sure that it is run effectively, safely and profitably.  The fact that legislation places the burden on the business to take the necessary steps with regards to pest control means you need to know it can be handled with our promise of:

Depending upon the severity of the pest problem you may find only a minor hinderance on trading or far greater effects that could inevitably create financial loss or ultimately close you down.

During our 5 years of trading, In My Sights have handled all manner of pest control problems ranging from rodent infestations in restaurants and warehouses to pigeon control for waste transfer stations, concrete plants, hotels and night clubs.
We are able to deal with anything from American Crayfish, to Foxes.

Initial site survey and site setup

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Ongoing care plan

In My Sights guarantees a plan containing the predefined procedures plus continuous monitoring to ensure that any future problems are detected early and treated quickly.