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Equestrian humane pest control in riding centres and livery yards

Have you had a pest problem before or are you seeing signs of infestations.

With feed bins, muck heaps, and a lot of places to hide, riding centres, stables and livery yards are the perfect place for vermin to make a home and become a pest.

With a source of water and food, rats will take control of your riding centre within a matter of months so you can't afford to take time in deciding to act.

Some of the most common signs will include:

Unfortunately, the longer you put off doing something about it, the worse the problem will become. However, if you already have a pest problem you want it dealt with professionally and quickly.

We can all agree that any sort of infestation can be embarassing for all concerned especially when dealing with the public and may contravene health and safety so:

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Not convinced, read the reviews from some of our clients.

Don't forget to read some of our useful facts that make a big difference to your equestrian centre and the problem we can help you deal with.

Safe around you and your horses

One question that is continually asked by our clients is:

“Will the bait you use infect our animals?” The short answer is “No it will not!”

The bait we use will not harm your horses, cats, dogs. or birds.

A recent study shows that Anti Coagulant Poisons were found in 40% of Barn Owls, 60% of Kestrals, and 80% of Red Kite, carcasses found, and then examined under autopsy by DEFRA.

This is due to Birds of Prey capturing and ingesting rodents who have been treated with Anti Coagulant Rodenticide.

It is particularly high in Red Kite as they have a habit of scavenging, unlike Kestrals and Barn Owls who tend to hunt live prey.

The bait we use does not fall into this category, and will not effect Birds of Prey should they ingest carcasses we have treated.

Which also makes it a safer option around children.

Is your tack room vulnerable

Aside of your horse the most valuable asset you have is probably your tack. Leather is a particular favourite for foxes, rats etc. so you need to make sure that your saddles and bridles are kept out of the way of those teeth as well as taking preventative meaures to keep the vermin out of the tack room.