Areas we cover

Our humane promise

Silverfish, ants, carpet moths, wasps, bees, hornets, termites, fleas, bedbug

Our Green Environmental Policy providing Humane Pest Control

InMySights have a long been known as a Humane Pest Control and Environmentally Aware Pest Control company.

Way before green issues became big news we were working for the environment and caring for animal populations both endangered and not.

Our Pest Control policy aim to benefit the customer and animals be they Mice or Birds of Prey. Our Rodent Control Methods are approved by the Barn Owl Trust.

Whilst we aim to be as green as possible, as a last resort we may have to resort to a standard Rodenticide, if all our other methods are exhausted or a certain situation leaves us no other option.

Great care is taken when dealing with insects, as the usual method of employing an Insecticide in one form or another has to be used to deal with infestations.

We will survey the area thoroughly and advise you accordingly of any precautions you may need to take.