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Testimonials from our clients for whom we have provided Humane Pest Control

Many times you may not appreciate the potential damage or safety issues associated with the pest that have taken up residence within your home or work place.

We have put together some short testimonials detailing the various pests we have dealt with, what was done and the problems they caused.

Birds in my chimney

Dear MARK,
I've written this recommendation of your work.

Details of the Recommendation: "We had a noise in the chimney - and were worried that some sort of animal had become trapped. Luckily I knew of Mark's services through the recommendations of others so I rang him.

Even though it was a Sunday morning he dropped everything a came around... after a thorough investigation where nothing could be seen, Mark set a trap designed to catch the type of animal he thought was causing the disturbance.

Over the next few days Mark checked in several times to see if there had been any activity - but we had heard nothing.

A week later the noise came again - definitely a bird (Mark had told me what to listen for). I rang Mark and he came around straight away. He opened up the chimney and was able to bring the bird out.

I highly recommend Mark and In My Sights' services - they are incredibly responsive, really know their stuff, provide great value for money - and, above all, take a humane approach!"
Service Category: Pest Control
Year first hired: 2010
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
Gen Ford
Founder & MD: Ithaca Business...


Carpet Moths

A recent visit to a small property in Wallington found a common problem of damaged carpet casued by Carpet moths.

After surverying the problem we provided a solution that resolved the issue within 12 hours using a spray that would enter into the carpet and deal with the larvae, not just the airborn moths.

These seemingly harmless little moths lay their eggs that hatch in the carpet and the larvae then burrow down and start feeding growing to around half an inch or more.

"I had no idea what was eating my carpet and leaving bald patches, but when Mark sprayed the room, within half an hour we found a few larvae coming up. They must have been about an inch long each and looked well fed."

Ian -Wallington

Wasps at the door and we can't get in

""After receiving a phonecall we visited a property in Warlingham regarding wasps. The problem was very apparent as soon as we approached the front door with a very loud buzzing noise coming from the the soffits. This meant we couldn't get near the front door.

Due to the location of the nest we had to use a spray to reach the queen and this resulted in the nest becoming quiet with an hour and then we were able to handle the nest and destroy it.""

This problem had major dangers associated to it with the possibility of severe attacks to people and pets so it had to be dealt with urgently. Never try to tackle this type of problem without seeking professional help due to the chance of attack and poisoning.

"You have no idea how scary it is when you open your lounge window and 5 or 6 wasps come in, especially with the dog barking at them. It was liek we were being held prisoner.
Brilliant job Mark"

Caroline - Warlingham

Rats at my riding centre

""Mark came to assess the situation at my riding centre and , as I thought, we had a big infestation of rats despite regular visits from a pest control officer. He gave an initial talk to the staff about the need for cleanliness on the yard to prevent rats from getting access to horse feed and also made them aware of the extreme risk to health from Weil’s Disease. Although this is in my Health & Safety Policy his talk carried more impact and emphasised the problem and he also provided literature on the topics discussed.

It took a while to get the situation under control and he made regular visits to monitor the situation.

As well as having having horses on site I have dogs and cats on the yard as well as the general public so I was pleased that the substance he was using did not prevent a risk to their health.

He is always willing to come at short notice when we have found a problem and has helped control the magpie population that was devastating the swallow breeding population.

"I am happy to recommend his services to anyone looking for pest control services either for an equestrian centre or for their home."

Anthea - Wildwoods - Surrey

Rats in me kitchen - what I'm a gonna do

""Mark came out to deal with rats in the kitchen of a residential property that I own. He visited the property several times and took care to not only lay and monitor the traps, but to advise me to on the best way to ensure no recurrence of the problem. He also arranged for a gap at the back of the kitchen cupboards to be filled in, removing the entry/exit point.

I was particularly impressed with his approach of using traps rather than poison given the location of the problem. He is very thorough and professional, and and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone needing pest control services.""

Grace - Surrey

Mice under the floorboards

""Hi Mark,
Thank you very much for sorting out the scratching noise under the floorboards of my daughter’s bedroom.
 As you suggested on Friday, the trap worked first time allowing you to take away the rodent the following Monday.  ""  

Mike Devine - Surrey